Postgraduate education in Data Science & Business Analytics

University of Rotterdam
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Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly ranked, international research university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam. They integrate academic research with excellent, challenging and inspiring education. They offer a broad range of interesting Bachelor programmes, Master programmes and Executive programmes. 












Postgraduate education in Data Science & Business Analytics


The postgraduate course Data Science & Business Analytics teaches you various advanced analysis techniques to get added value from data; not only by distilling information and recognizing opportunities, but also by making targeted data-driven decisions. The one-year course is known for its hands-on approach, which gives you a real grip on large data flows and allows you to use the analysis techniques followed for your daily practice.

The Data Science & Business Analytics curriculum has been specially developed based on years of experience from the existing Econometrics and Management Science programs that are given at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The curriculum also contains components in the field of data science, computer science and privacy law.