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Today millions of Dutch and Belgians shopping at bol.com. They can choose from articles in more than 20 product categories. Bol.com also helps thousands of entrepreneurs to sell online through their store. But there was a time when not everyone knew about bol.com, from a portakabin on a car park started as an online bookstore. That was in 1999. Now they no longer fit with their hundreds of colleagues in that portakabin and they have grown by online bookstore to a shop where you can find almost everything what you are looking for.

Account Manager B2B

As an intern at the B2B departement I was responsible for the day to day operations. Within bol.com, the B2B department exists out of a small team with 6 members covering the B2B sales and bol.com gift cards. My internship took 5 months originally and I stayed 3 more months during the summer. An informative experience with a lot of customer contact and pretty cool to say a company growing that rapidly and being a small part of it.